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Jun. 13th, 2010

Um, Labrador-san? Remember when Hana-chan was here and you - uh. Changed? ...That's kinda happened to me, now.

.....Help? Please?

[[OOC: EDIT: I'd been planning on putting up a color picture, but I got lazy and haven't finished it yet. So here's girl!Teito in black and white.]
Frau, you'll come with me on this cruise thing, right?
[Teito's curled up on his bed with Burupya, looking miserable - it wouldn't be too far off to guess he's been crying. He's still sniffling occasionally, in fact. Burupya's 'pya'-ing at him worriedly and trying to cheer him up, but it's not going as well as the little dragon would like. Teito's still pretty despondent.]


[Teito sounds near tears.] He's gone again. I didn't even get to say goodbye this time, either. Mikage...

Pya - Burupya... [Burupya pats Teito on the cheek lovingly, and Teito hides his face. Burupya slumps a little, then notices the laptop and flies over to turn it off.]

[accidental video post]

[A blond boy with a scar one one cheek is messing with Teito's computer, his normally cheerful face frowning a little in concern as he mutters to himself. Teito is visible just beyond, about five shades too pale and sort of gaping at the other boy.]

- do you turn this thing off, anyway? [He turns and look at Teito, and his face looks even more worried. He abandons the computer in favor of going to kneel by Teito, who definitely looks Not Alright. He puts his hands on Teito's shoulders, and looks up at him kindly.] Teito...? C'mon, Klein, tell me what's wrong so I can help.

[Teito takes a long moment, but he finally answers, shakily.] Mi-Mikage...?

[Mikage looks relieved, and smiles encouragingly.] Yeah, Teito, it's me. Nice to know you're still in there, Buddy.

Is it... Is it really you? [Teito looks a little scared of the answer, grasping at Mikage's sleeves. Mikage can't help but be confused - who else would he be? - but nods.]

That's right, chibi. Now come on, tell me what's wrong. Please?

[Teito chokes as Mikage looks at him, anxious, pleading, and so very kind - and it honestly looks like Teito's about to cry. The realization sends Mikage into a small panic as he tries to think of a way to head it off, but then Teito flings himself into his arms, knocking the laptop down by accident in the process. The screen goes black.]

...............Was there really a kissing lesson going on in the park this morning? O.o Really? ......I'm not really sure how I feel about it, if it was, but it's definitely in the 'seriously weirded out' category.

If it wasn't, I'm leaning more towards seriously creeped out.


[There's two voices - one easily recognizable as Teito, and a second smaller voice that could only be a little kid.]

Wow, aniki! What's that?

It's called a computer. It lets us get in touch with people very quickly. Um... Kind of like a letter that's sent to a bunch of people. And with this button, they can hear us instead.

They can hear us? Really?

Yup. And if you press this button here, they can even see us.

Woooooow. Can I press it? Can I, can I?

[laughs] Sure, go ahead.

[The picture flicks on, revealing Teito with a much, much smaller version of himself on his lap. Little!Teito looks ecstatic, and Big!Teito's grinning, reminded very much of Capella.]

[claps happily, giggling]
It worked!  Look, aniki, it's us!

[thoroughly amused]
Yup, that's us.

[looks up at Teito] So people can see us now?

[nods] That's right. They can hear us, too. [points to the screen] Want to say hi?

[looks thrilled] YES! [turns and waves wildly at the screen with both hands] Hiiiii people outside the 'timpooter!

[about to start laughing, Big!Teito also waves at the screen] Hi, everyone. I guess I'm not the only one with a guest, but... This is Tiashe.

[nods, looking very serious]
I'm four. [holds up five fingers]

[pushes Little!Teito's thumb down] That's four. [looks back at the screen] Um. [stops to think, because he can't really remember what he logged on to say now] ...Oh. Yuugi, I want to talk to you in person. If you don't come find me, I'm going to find you, okay? [looks back down at Little!Teito] I think that's it. Want to say bye and hit the button again?

[looks up from his hands, where he was frowning at his fingers and trying to count on them properly]
Okay!! [beams at the screen and waves again before going for the off button] Bai bai persons! [hits the button and the screen goes black]

Jan. 14th, 2010

Happy birthday, Frau.

[OOC: Teito's left him a carving of Barsburg Church - it's rather intricately detailed, and he made sure to include Bastian's tree and Labrador's garden.]
Thanks for the gifts, everyone! Wow - I wasn't expecting to get anything, let alone this much. I can't figure out what I'm supposed to do with the coffin, though; I really prefer a bed...
Hakuren? ...I think we need to talk.

[[OOC: Not long after this.]]