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[The screen is full of what appears to be dark brown...fur. There's some very muffled 'Ee, vee, eevee, eee...' in the background that sounds extremely unhappy, then the fur pulls back to reveal a green-eyed Eevee with fur the same dark brown as Teito's hair, except for the lighter collar of fur around his neck. He looks... extremely irritated, to say the least. He sounds it, too.]

Stupid paws. I want opposable thumbs again, dangit. ...
[sullen] Could someone big come get me? I'm really not in the mood to hike forty thousand miles.

[And the stairs look a little intimidating at the moment, but Teito's not going to admit that.]

Yuugi? I think it's safe to say we're taking the week off.

[He moves forward, lifting one paw, and the screen fills with dark brown fur again before the feed cuts out.]

[[OOC: Eevee!Teito knows Frustration, Bite, Growl, and Attract - and he has no idea how to control Attract, so anyone and everyone who wants to become inexplicably infatuated with Teito for various amounts of time (how long it lasts and when it takes effect is up to you), have at it.]]
Hey, Yuugi, since you've been doing so well with our route, we're going to expand it today. We might get to breakfast a bit later.

I want to start working on strength and sparring, too, so meet me tonight at the athletics building.

Nov. 29th, 2009

Castor-san, Labrador-san, we need to talk about Frau.

[[OOC: After this.]]

[accidental video post]

[Teito's sitting in the open window, one foot dangling into the open air as he lounges against the sill. The chill in the air doesn't seem to bother him at all, and he looks... serene. A bit on the sad side, maybe, but peaceful. He's admiring the moon and snow and singing quietly to himself, sometimes lapsing into soft humming. He's petting Burupya absently; the little pink dragon nestled in his lap, snuggling into Teito's stomach. He's looking at the sky, too, but his gaze shifts to Teito's face every so often.]

lyrics and translation under cutCollapse )

[OOC: You can hear Teito singing a bit of the song in the anime, and you can listen to it here. It's such a pretty song! And sorry if the translation's rough; I did it myself and I'm not sure I got it all right.]
Look at all the snow. Good thing I arrived with a coat.

[Private//What's Locking? (aka Teito has no idea these things can/should be locked)]

It kinda reminds me of Raggs Castle already; all this ice and snow. It'll probably get stronger when it starts snowing for real. I'm not sure if I like that or not. I mean, I do, but I... I do. I just wish Suzu and Yuki were here now - it'd be nice to hear those words again.
This is kinda cool. These new guys are actually really nice, considering how scary they look.

I keep biting my tongue, though; I don't like these fangs.

[OOC: Teito's been vamp'd out by Halloween Town's arrival! He's all fangy now, and even has a pair of really adorable bat wings. Even Burupya's been affected, so he matches Teito.]


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